Exoskeleton Lift

Richard Goodwin Art and Architecture

Richard Goodwin’s Exoskeleton Lift was built as part of the SJB Architects/Godden Mackay Logan heritage conservation of Walter Burley Griffin’s Willoughby Incinerator. Goodwin’s design takes as its basis the geometry of Griffin’s decorative diamond patterning, common to many of his Australian projects and employed in the formal language of the Willoughby project. Deforming and developing this geometry, Goodwin indexes Griffin’s formal vocabulary and updates it via contemporary design tools and processes. AR-MA was engaged by Goodwin to aid in the delivery of the sculpture, clarifying its form and panelization, and overseeing its fabrication and assembly.

  • Artist — Richard Goodwin Art and Architecture
  • Location — 2 Small Street, Willoughby, NSW
  • Date of completion — 2012
  • Photo credits — AR-MA