Grosvenor Place

Harry Seidler & Associates

AR-MA was engaged by ARC Roofing as part of a façade team responsible for providing design resolution and buildability advice to match the ambitious architectural intent. AR-MA was able to reach a technically robust and visually stunning outcome, satisfying both aesthetic and construction concerns. Throughout the design, AR-MA maintained a fabrication-based parametric model integrating relevant architectural and material constraints. This model was kept up to date with design changes, and used to provide feedback in regards to visual and financial concerns. developed from a 3D point cloud survey of the as-built concrete. Fabrication files for all 152 panels were output directly from this model, aided by construction documentation drafted in a conventional manner. Each unique stainless steel composite panel was tagged and tracked through various manufacturing processes with multiple contractors, ultimately being assembled for site installation.

  • Architect — Harry Seidler & Associates
  • Contractor — Built
  • Installation — ARC Roofing
  • Date of completion — 2016
  • Location — Grosvenor Place, Sydney, NSW
  • Photo credits — AR-MA