Chris Fox

Interloop, a permanent sculpture by artist and architect Chris Fox, was commissioned as part of the Wynyard Station upgrade by Transport NSW. The heritage escalators have been replaced and many parts of which, primarily the timber treads, were re-purposed into a 50m long hanging sculpture near the York St entrance, above their original location. AR-MA was engaged by Studio Chris Fox as computational specialist to execute parametric documentation and fabrication output. We created a specifically designed parametric tool for the project that provided constant visual feedback allowing Fox to manipulate, evaluate, and sculpt the artwork in real-time. Fox worked with AR-MA to design the entire sculpture for manufacture as prefabricated modules, assembled in the factory and installed on site within a 48-hour installation timeframe. From design to fabrication and assembly to installation, AR-MA worked with Chris Fox to implemented a design to manufacture pipeline to ensure the project was completed on time and with millimeter accuracy.

  • ArtistChris Fox
  • Engineering — Structure Consulting Engineers and BollingerGrohmann Engineers
  • Fabrication — Lumark Pty Ltd
  • Installation — NASS Projects Pty Ltd
  • Date of completion — 2017
  • Location — Wynyard Station, Sydney, NSW
  • Photo credits — Josh Raymond