Paramount Hotel

Breathe Architecture

AR-MA worked with ARC Roofing to design details, fabricate, and install the copper tiles façade system for architects Breather Architecture for the recent renovation of Paramount Hotel. AR-MA’s consultancy services included designing the façade system through a workflow of small definitions that have been to allow to control the pattern distribution, the mega panels division, the dimensions and the finishing of all the 3808 copper tiles. The control of the façade by a single spline and a waterfall model allowed to adjust quickly and easily the model to achieve the design intent and the request on-site. This organisation permitted AR-MA to maintain a high level of accuracy, and delivered all the documentation for fabrication and installation of 332 sqm copper tiles, 833 linear meter of SHS and top-hat in less then one week.

  • Architect — Breathe Architecture
  • Contractor — Calida
  • Facade contractor — ARC Roofing
  • Date of completion — 2018
  • Location — 80 Commonwealth st, Sydney, NSW
  • Photo credits — AR-MA