Wood Marsh Architecture

Toorak House, a residential project in Melbourne designed by Wood Marsh Architecture, includes a 300m2 bowl-shaped, doubly-curved roof, which sits on a large concrete plinth. Employed for our knowledge and expertise in detailing complex construction systems, AR-MA worked with Wood Marsh Architecture on the technical design of the 1800 panel zinc underside of the roof. Collaborating with roof and cladding specialists, Copperform Victoria, AR-MA developed a pre-fabricated zinc panel system to be installed over plywood sub-construction. Throughout the process, an integrated 3D model incorporating all material, fabrication, and design constraints was employed to simulate material behaviour to ensure the perfect fit of all parts on site.

  • Architect — Wood Marsh Architecture
  • Contractor — VCON
  • Roofing contractor — ARC Roofing
  • Date of completion — 2016
  • Location — Toorak VIC
  • Photo credits — John Gollings