Wynyard Walk

Woods Bagot

Wynyard Walk is a landmark development by Transport for New South Wales designed by Woods Bagot Architects. AR-MA were engaged by the head contractor, CPB, to deliver a complete Design for Manufacture and Assembly system for the stainless steel soffit panels, wall panels and escalator cladding. This included integrating lighting, service penetrations, and coordination with existing works on-site as well as detail designing over 5000 complex sheet metal assemblies - of which more than 50% were unique. In order to accommodate the short project schedule, site updates, and revisions to design intent, AR-MA developed a hybrid digital workflow that allowed us to connect architectural design to manufacture and assembly. Through iterative 3D laser scanning, we were able to continually capture the reality of the job site and integrate it into our manufacture model. This ensured that the 5000 panels being sent to manufacture would perfectly coordinate with work on-site.

  • Architect — Woods Bagot
  • Contractor — CPB
  • Panel fabrication — Stoddart
  • Date of completion — 2017
  • Location — Wynyard Station, Sydney, NSW
  • Photo credits — AR-MA